Healthcare rotations and training programs have traditionally been one of the main activities carried out by the Cudeca Foundation. Within these programs, the presence of the Cudeca Experience program stands out, an initiative of rotations different from all the others. This year it is once again being offered after the forced halt caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 the scheduled editions had to be cancelled, but this year it will be held again in October, from the 4th to the 29th. In addition to the usual edition in Spain, this year a new one will be incorporated in Colombia, as a result of the collaboration with groups in this South American country.

Cudeca Experience is a very complete program that gives healthcare professionals the opportunity to get to know first-hand all the work units of Cudeca Hospice, from the inpatient units to the psychosocial care units, including outpatient and fundraising units. As such, it shares with the rest of Cudeca’s training offer a multidisciplinary character, in which social-health professionals from all specialization fields are included, in order to promote teamwork.

The program lasts one month, in which the participant will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes for the comprehensive approach to the terminally ill patients and their families from the Hospice model of Cudeca Foundation.

It consists of a program of rotations through the different care programs of a Palliative Care center: Home Care, Hospitalization Unit, Outpatient, Psychological and Social Care, Day Care Unit, and Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Unit.

It also includes an interdisciplinary clinical training program in palliative care and specific activities on quality and organizational models, and management of end-of-life care.

Cudeca Experience Internacional

The Cudeca Experience program has traditionally been attended by many Latin American professionals, which is why it has been decided to carry out a new edition in Colombia, which will be possible thanks to the joint efforts of the Cudeca Foundation, and the reference centers AMI Pallium Colombia and the Palliative Care Unit Presentes. In addition to the rotation through the different on-site units in Colombia, the online training provided by Cudeca will address different aspects of working in a hospice.